How to make a cappuccino at home?

Cappuccino is the richest of all types of Coffee types. Now let us see How to Make Cappuccino at Home?

To get a finely brewed blend of cappuccino seems like a fortune away for most of us. A common perception is that a delicious cup of cappuccino cannot be achieved without the hassle of long brews, expense coffee machines and exotic beans. However, that is not true. We will show you how to make a cappuccino in the comfort of your home and without a coffee machine. 

Italians love their coffee. A hot cup of cappuccino and a buttery croissant is the typical breakfast in Italy. In fact, cappuccino, which is actually a delectable work of art, is amongst the favorite beverages all around the world. It is typically smaller in volume than a caffè latte, with a thicker layer of micro foam.Cappuccino is the richest of all types of coffee types and hence uses cream instead of milk as the primary ingredient along with double espresso and steamed milk foam. Variations of this drink involve flavoring with cinnamon or chocolate powder.

Ever wish how to make cappuccino at home? Now, you can. Fix yourself a hot cup with these few shortcuts. We provide you two easy ways of preparing this Italian beverage at home. No coffee machine needed and absolutely worth every sip. 


Foam’s consistency depends on the milk’s fat content.
For the most velvety, rich cappuccino, use whole milk.  You can substitute low-fat milk, at the sacrifice of some smoothness.
Foam produced from skim milk is light and meringue-like, quick to dissolve.


How to make a cappuccino at home?

Ingredients and equipment:
•    Instant Coffee
•    Milk to taste
•    Sealed container
•    Kettle or pot
•    Sugar to taste
•    1 cup of water


1. Boil a cup of water in a kettle or pot. Mix the boiled water in a mug with 1 to 2 teaspoons of coffee granules. Add desired amount of sugar.

2. Pour desired amount of milk (whether you like it dark or light) into a small pot. Heat it until it reaches a boil. Remove from heat once so that it begins to bubble and rise.

3. Transfer the boiled milk into a sealable jar or container. Use one large enough container so that the milk fills it halfway at most. Seal the container tightly then shake it hard for twenty seconds, or until a froth forms.

4. Pour the liquid milk into your mug. Use a spoon to stir it into coffee. Then scoop the foamed milk out of the container and top your drink with it. Sprinkle cinnamonor nutmeg over the froth and enjoy.


How to make a of cappuccino at home?

Ingredients and equipment:

•    Instant coffee
•    Milk to taste
•    Sugar to taste
•    Kettle or pot
•    1 cup water


1. While the milk heats, make your mix. Combine 1.5 teaspoons of instant coffee with 1 tablespoon of sugar in a coffee mug. Then add half a teaspoon of water. Beat the mix with a spoon for about five minutes, until it turns light brown.

2. Pour 1 cup of milk into a pot. Set the pot on a burner. Turn the burner to medium-high. Wait for it to bubble and rise. 

3. Pour it into your cup. Then stir to mix and work up froth. Sprinkle some coffee granules over the froth if desired, and enjoy.

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